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Underwater Image: Less need for hazardous chemicals

Water Treatment Case Studies


A Victorian hospital

This is an old town hospital built in the mid-1800s. It now has 156 beds and serves as a Community and Mental Health Hospital. The water services on site are a mix of new and very old so, as the recommended temperatures could not be maintained throughout the site, he use of temperature as the only control mechanism for Legionella was ineffective. 

The Tarn-Pure system helps ensure the correct treatment levels are maintained at periods of low water usage (i.e. when fresh treated water from the cold tank is not drawn). Legionella and TVC counts are now under control and the hot water can be reduced as Thermostatic Mixer Valves are removed.

Hospital outpatients building


Office building

This high profile, high rise new build in The City of London specified the most effective and environmentally friendly methods of complying with ACoP L8.

An engineering company was commissioned to examine and test this specific point. Copper-silver ionisation was recommended as a fundamental protection against water-borne bacteria in the modern era. A Tarn-Pure system is installed.

Car Wash photo

Commercial Vehicle Wash

A large city local authority identified significant infection risks at one of its waste depots, where its fleet of dust carts were cleaned using a commercial vehicle wash on a daily basis. This vehicle wash recycles the water, and was infected with water-borne bacteria. The aerosol droplets sprayed over the dust carts were a serious infection risk to employees and the public.

Tarn-Pure cleaned the underground sump, reclaim and ready-to-use tanks. A Tarn-Pure™ silver/copper ionisation system was installed on the ready-to-use tank, ensuring the water is free from Legionella and other water-borne bacteria. Independent monthly tests by an approved independent laboratory show the elimination of all bacteria and, thus, greater public safety.


International Sailing Centre

The high week-end and low weekday use of this facility, plus seasonal variations in water usage, led to an increase in detected legionella counts. A solution was required that would be easy to control, simple to retro-fit and would operate equally effectively in periods of high and low usage. 

A Tarn-Pure system was installed on the central cold water storage tank that serviced hot water make-up and distributed cold water. A flushing regime was instituted to ensure that the outlets in empty rooms were regularly opened. Legionella is no longer a problem, which is confirmed by on-going water analysis.

Golf Club and Ball

Golf Club

This site in the Midlands had no cold water storage. The mains fed to the showers regularly tested positive for Legionella. 

A Tarn-Pure™ system was installed on the incoming main and a flushing regime implemented. The number of showers in the changing rooms was reduced to increase regular usage of those remaining. The site now regularly tests as “Legionella Not Detected”.