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Installing Water Filtration Equipment

Copper-silver ionisations systems must comply with ACoP L8 which states: 

‘It is the duty of the responsible person to make reasonable enquiries to ensure that organisations such as water treatment companies or consultants, together with personnel from the occupier’s organisation, are competent and suitably trained and have the necessary equipment to carry out their duties within the written scheme in a safe and adequate manner …

Service providers should also ensure that their staff are competent to carry out the task safely.’

Further explanation for this can be found here.


Erosion and calcification of the electrodes occurs, to a greater or lesser degree, in all copper-silver ionisation systems thus ‘routine inspection and maintenance’ is also required by ACoP L8.

In other words, the Tarn-Pure copper-silver ionisation system must be easily accessible.

To achieve this, the installer will need to have specified:

  • WHERE to install a Tarn-Pure copper-silver ionisation system

1.1 On-site location:

Service engineers should be able access the system without disturbing e.g.

  • hospital patients
  • care home residents
  • hotel guests

1.2 Water system:

Tarn-Pure copper-silver ionisation systems can be installed:

  • on the incoming main
  • on the Cold Water Storage Tank (CWST)
  • on the hot water system 

Wherever the system is installed, a by-pass is desirable so the Tarn-Pure cell can be removed for service with minimum disruption to the water system.

2. WHAT are the characteristics of the water supply, including:

  • conductivity
  • maximum daily usage in litres
  • peak flow rates (if installed on incoming mains)
  • hardness of the water 

Tips for a successful Installation:

  • a dry or well sheltered environment. 
  • suitable for operation  0°C - 70°C 
  • avoid direct sunlight if possible. 
  • if externally mounted and subject to temperatures below 0°C protect against freezing. 
  • electrode cell and pipework fully supported and firmly fixed. 
  • all electrical works are carried out by a qualified personnel. 
  • cell must only be operational when water is passing through it. 
  • on water feed pipes, system controlled by in-line flow meter or flow switch. 
  • cell and pump to be installed using threaded socket unions. 
  • temperature and pressure ratings must not be exceeded. 
  • ensure that correct model unit fitted based on specified criteria. 
  • ensure ease of access.
  • enable re-installation of cell and gasket after service. 

Once installed, the Tarn-Pure system will need to be commissioned by Tarn-Pure Ltd.


Service visits may include any or all of the following, subject to customer needs: 

  • check voltage and current readings on the meters in the control unit.
  • check erosion and calcification levels of electrodes (clean if necessary).
  • check level of ions in the water.
  • copper test at various sentinel points throughout the site (minimum three).
  • take water sample for Legionella and Total Viable Count (TVC).
  • check for specific bacteria including E.coli and pseudomonas. 

Service frequency is influenced by the hardness of the water in circulation (in areas of extremely hard water softening devices may be employed). 

A comprehensive Operation and Installation Manual provided with all Tarn-Pure equipment, but please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

Tarn-Pure water filtration system installation