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Legionella Control & Prevention in the Leisure Industry

Any organisation whose premises has a hot and cold water system or a cooling tower can be critically affected by the Legionella bacteria. 

Blocks of apartments, offices, factories or any other public service building are, by law, responsible for the health, safety and wellbeing of occupiers, staff and visitors.

  • Legionella outbreaks for hotels and leisure complexes are extremely costly through lost revenue and bad publicity.
  • Hotels which focus on business guests may be nearly empty at weekends whilst holiday hotels have periods of under-utilisation in the off-season. 
  • Fluctuating draw-down of water which is allowed to stagnate even for a day or two creates high Legionella risk.
  • Modern hotels have a higher density of showers per person.
  • Water droplets from showers are acknowledged as a high risk cause of Legionnaire’s Disease.
  • Tarn-Pure™ systems have been used successfully in hotels for over 25 years. 
  • Copper-silver ionisation can provide significant financial savings in maintenance and energy.
  • Tarn-Pure’s long-lasting residual biocide helps reduce contamination in food preparation areas, and acts as a supplementary surface disinfectant.
  • Tarn-Pure has no taste, is odour-free and within drinking water standards.
Legionella in the Leisure Industry

Swimming Pools

Tarn-Pure™ silver/copper ionisation systems have been installed on commercial and private swimming pools for over 25 years in the UK, the USA and the Far East. The system is simple to install and maintain and allows the level of chlorine in the pool to be drastically reduced: 

  • Pool water stays bright and lively longer, and is easier to maintain in a good, balanced condition.
  • Tarn-Pure disinfects spa pools, hydrotherapy and jacuzzis and provides an improved environment for swimmers, coaches and physiotherapists.
  • Tarn-Pure can be fitted to existing pools as well as installed with new pools.
  • Chlorine levels can be lowered substantially and the pool's PH and alkalinity become more stable.
  • With a decreased need for hazardous chemicals, Tarn-Pure provides the most environmentally responsible approach and reduces building and systems corrosion.
  • Reduced requirements for air turn-over in indoor pools cuts heating and ventilation costs.
  • Tarn-Pure works within drinking water standards so represents no risk to health.

  • Tarn-Pure has been successfully installed in many hotels, swimming pools and in boating. For more information please click here.
Swimming pools are at risk of LegionellaHotel Water systems need to be protected against water-borne diseases