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Legionella and other Water-borne Disease Prevention in Hospitals and Care Homes

Hospitals and Care Homes present a Legionella risk to patients or residents who are vulnerable through age, immuno-compromised, suffering post-operative vulnerability or have respiratory disorders. 

The risk is identified through exposure to water droplets from showers, baths, toilets etc.

Furthermore, visitors and members of staff can be equally at risk from infection. 

Bacteria proliferates at temperatures between 20-45°.

Maintaining water below 20° is not always possible with roof-top or attic tanks in the summer, or with cold water pipes sharing ducts with hot water or steam distribution pipes.

ACoP L8 requires hot water to be stored at over 60° to ensure a minimum of 50° at the outlets. 

To avoid scalding, Thermostatic Valves (TMVs) are commonly required. However, TMVs can be difficult to keep bacteria free and can revive the dormant Legionella in the cold water supply. 

Tarn-Pure™ copper-silver ionisation helps eliminate all of the above. 

Copper-silver ionisation is compliant with the Health & Safety Executive Approved Code of Practice and Guidance ‘The Control of Legionella Bacteria in Water Systems’ (L8), recognised in the ‘European Guidelines for Control and Prevention of Travel Associated Legionnaires' Disease’, and proven and accepted in many other countries, including the USA.

Water-borne Diseases In the Community

Education Establishments

Tarn-Pure provides effective Legionella control for schools and other educational establishments:

  • Hot and cold water systems stagnate over weekends and holiday periods. Tarn-Pure removes this heightened Legionella risk. 
  • Schools for the young and those with special needs  present particular problems, including scalding.  
  • Tarn-Pure enables the control of hot water at lower temperatures, removing the scalding risk and the need for TMVs which, themselves, foster and harbour Legionella.
  • In schools, showers, washrooms, food preparation and dining areas can be high infection risk areas, where Tarn-Pure™ provides supplementary biocide protection.
  • Tarn-Pure™ can eliminate the need to comply with COSHH Regulations associated with other forms of water treatment.
  • Tarn-Pure has been successfully installed in many hospitals, care homes or schools, student accommodation, housing associations, councils. For more information please click here.
Hospitals need to control and prevent water-borne diseases including Legionella