clean water saves lives

Underwater Image: Less need for hazardous chemicals

Prevention of Water-borne Diseases in Industry

Tarn-Pure™ copper-silver ionisation systems are effective in the control of Legionella and other water-borne bacteria in many industries, and have been installed in:

  • Plastic recycling and injection moulding

  • Vehicle washing plant, especially coaches, trucks and dust-carts

  • Pre-paint wash for car bodies

  • Cooling water for aluminium and metal casting

  • Fibre dying and rinsing

  • Cooling towers in various applications

In each of these applications, Tarn-Pure ionisation has considerably reduced the use of chlorine or other biocides. This benefits the public, staff and the environment.

It benefits the customer too. Not only does a Tarn-Pure installation save the cost of chlorine and other biocides but it can eliminate the requirement to comply with COSHH  or other hazardous chemical regulations.

Water Disinfection for the Food & Drink Industry

Food Processing

Tarn-Pure units have been installed in vegetable and salad washing lines, replacing chemical agents such as chloride and citric acid. Tarn-Pure is more effective than chemicals, odour free, taste neutral and fully approved for organic produce by the Soil Association. 

Researchers report extended shelf life for many leaf products.

Preventing Legionella in Industry

Food Preparation

Tarn-Pure treated water eliminates Listeria, e-coil and salmonella and acts as a supplementary biocide in kitchens and other food preparation locations. Here’s why:

  • Copper-silver ions control the common bacteria in food and beverage processing, including pseudomonas, e-coli, listeria, coliform and salmonella.
  • Copper-silver ion delivery is easy to monitor through advanced technology.
  • The process is taste-free, odour-free and, unlike chlorine, non-carcinogenic.
  • Applicable for both animal and vegetable products.
  • Ideal for organic produce.
  • Proved to extend shelf-life of many vegetable and salad products.
  • Suitable for washing food and beverage containers.
  • No need to comply with COSHH Regulations.
  • Tarn-Pure has been successfully installed in many hospitals, care homes or schools (for more information please click here), architects, facilities companies (Zeta etc).
Chef in hotel - clean water necessity

Local Authorities (Councils)

Under the Health and Safety at Work Act, local authorities must be sure to follow the appropriate guidance and codes of practice detailed in the HSE document “The control of Legionella in water systems - Approved Code of Practice and Guidance” (L8) for all public buildings including:

  • Schools - risk of water stagnation, especially over weekends and longer school holidays, and the consequent increase in bacteria growth in storage tanks and the distribution network. 
  • Day Centres - where elderly or disabled users require extra protection from Legionella and other water borne bacteria or from scaling where high temperatures are used for bacteria control. 
  • Social Housing - where housing is multi-occupancy blocks of flats with a common stored cold or hot water supply, the risk of bacteria growth is much greater than a normal family home because of the greater volume of stored water and the size of the distribution network. 
  • Vehicle Wash Equipment - commercial vehicle wash plant is used as part of the refuse disposal site to wash dust carts before they start thier round. Legionella can contaminate the 'mist' of water droplets and the drivers waiting by their vehicle inhale this mist with consequent risk of infection. 
Car Washes need to be treated for water-borne diseases